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Creating Merge Templates with Adobe Acrobat DC (Part 2 of 2)


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Dibcase can generate merge documents using two methods. The first method involves using our internal template creator and that method offers a great amount of flexbility. However, some form cannot be generated using this method due to their inherent complexity. We added a second method to allow users to merge data into any PDF document from either SSA, VA, or any agency. This tutorial discusses how to use merge forms that have already been mapped with Dibase merge fields. You must add merge fields before importing PDF documents into Dibcase. If you start with a raw PDF document, you must add merge fields using Adobe Acrobat.


Step 1: Select PDF Document With Merge Fields Added

Note: Merge fields, if added, may be highlighted in blue in Adobe Acrobat



Note: Merge fields must be added before you can merge Dibcase client, claims, contact, and firm data in a document.

Step 2: Navigate to the Dibcase Template Editor Page



Step 3: Upload Merge Document and Name It



Note: Checkbox fields must be named "CK_NAME" with the "CK_" prefix in order to set a default "On" and "Off" state.



Step 4: Click the "Save" button and your document template will be added and visible in the "Document Manager"




Step 5: Open the document as you would an internal document and select the client, claims, and contact data as appropriate.



Step 6: The new pdf merge document will appear in a new tab on your browser. You can then print the document or download for further editing.

Step 7: Select the "Preview" button to create the new PDF merge document


The document an be downloaded and edited in Adobe Acrobat CC or other PDF editor.

Notes: The document will retain the Dibcase generated name assigned for your convenience. Signature blocks are not supported and must be added when sent to client for signature via Adobe, Hello Sign, etc.. Documents with signature blocks will not render properly and should be delete from the form(s).




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