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James E. Allen

Does Dibcase include Social Security forms?

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Yes, Dibcase includes most form you'll need to effectively manage your Social Security caseload. You can use the internal forms including:

  • SSA-501 Request for Hearing
  • SSA-521Request for Withdrawal of Application
  • SSA-561 Request for Reconsideration
  • SSA-773 Waiver of Right to Appear
  • SSA-795 Statement of Claimant
  • SSA-1693 Fee Agreement
  • Multiple customizable versions of free agreements
  • SSA-1695
  • SSA-1696 Appointment of Representative
  • SSA-827 Authorization to Disclose Information to Social Security
  • SSA-3288 Consent for Release of Information
  • Medical Opinion Forms (RFC forms)
  • HA-520 Request For Review Of Hearing Decision/Order

In addition to SSA forms, we also provide form letters covering a variety of issues and circumstance including:

  • Pre-Hearing Briefs
  • Lead Rejection Letters
  • Notification of Representation to SSA
  • Withdrawal Letters
  • HIPAA & Hi-Tech releases

You are free to edit and customize any letter and save it for future use inside the application.

We also allow you to link to external forms for convenience.

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