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Linking Dropbox to Dibcase and Google Drive Integrations


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Purpose: Demonstrates how to add the Dropbox integration to Dibcase

Step 1: Navigate to the "Customizations" page and

Step 2: Select the "Integrations" button



Step 3: Select Link Dropbox

After you click on the "Link Dropbox" button, you will be re-directed to a page to add your Dropbox credentials unless you are already signed into Dropbox in your browser. If you are already signed in to Dropbox it may skip this step.


After you successfully integrate Dropbox

Once you have enabled the Dropbox integration, your Dibcase related folders will appear at the following location either on your local Dropbox folder or online.


Whenever you add a new client through the "Add Client" method, Dibcase will create a new folder in the above file path. The new clients folder is created using the following format:

Last, First M. #1234

Last Name, FIrst Name and middle initial with # and last four of SSN.


Dropbox folders can be found on each individual client page under the "Files" tab.

If the client does not have a Dropbox folder you can click on "Link Now" to create at Dropbox Folder



Linking to Google Drive

Follow steps 1 & 2 above

Step 3:

Click "Link Google Drive"

Step 4: Login with your Google Account and authorize Dibcase to access (you may need to override any security warnings).

After the link is established

Step 5: When new clients are added, they will appear on the client page files tab as show above and you will see all folders and file that appear in the GDrive folders.

Step 6: To add new files to the GDrive folder, you can simply drag and drop to the client's folder. New file and sub-folders will be visible in Dibcase.

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