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Why should I use the Dibcase calendar?

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1. You can enable the Google Calendar integration to push your Dibcase appointments to your Google calendar

2. You can auto add appointments from OHO imports to your Dibcase Calendar

Purpose: Discusses an alternate method of adding hearings to the appointment calendar in Dibcase


After you successfully import your hearings into Dibcase, you can add them to the calendar from the Hearing accordion on SSA claims.


Figure 1: The "Hearings" accordion on SSA claims


After clicking on the "Add to Calendar" button, you will see a popup window where you will fill in additional details about your hearing



Figure 2: The "Add to Calendar" popup on the the SSA claims list hearing tab

Once you select the name of the name of the "Primary Representative" and the "Hearing Representative", click the "Add" button.

The hearing will now appear on your Dibcase Calendar

3. You calendar events will appear on your Dibcase dashboard with color coded events and it will highlight which employees are attendees.


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