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Creating Daily Staff Assignments In Dibcase


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Step 1: Add the owner or supervisor as a client

Step 2: Create a task template with your normal daily tasks

Step 3: On owner or supervisor's page, add task and add today's date

Step 4: Adjust assignments based on staff availability and priorities


  • Employees can immediately see what their daily assignments are when they login to Dibcase
  • When sub-task is completed, it will show which employee actually completed the task
  • Employees can comment and add notes about results
  • Daily assignments will be visible on supervisor's page
  • Daily assignments will show on Dashboard and Task List page for all involved employees
  • New assignments can be dynamically added, deleted, or reassigned on a daily basis


Dashboard view of Today's Firm Assignments


Image" Task List Page filtered by date and tag



Image: Opening the daily assignments task template






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