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How to setup pipelines for your practice.

1. Access the "Pipelines List" on the left menu panel.



2. To create a new pipeline, select "+New Pipeline" and then select "New". Name the pipeline and press "Add".



3. Select your new pipeline using the dropdown list. Your new pipeline will be blank. To add new stages, select "Edit" and then "+ New Stage". Note, you can also change the name of the pipeline later if need be in this same selection. 


*Note: New stages will appear as you create them and will display in the order created.


4. Now that your pipeline is completed, you can add clients to the pipelines as needed. Go to the client page of a client you want to display in the created pipeline. Under the "Client Status" on the left of the "Client Page", select the "+" next to "Pipelines". Using the dropdown menus shown, add the client to the appropriate pipeline and stage in that pipeline.



4a. Client will now display in your "Pipelines List".



4b. You can drag each client to another stage as needed, or you can change the stage using the dropdown list on the client page. (As shown in #4).



5. Now that you've created your pipelines, the next step is adding descriptions and canned responses to send to clients. This step is optional, but will allow for more efficient communication with your clients.



6. This will also display on the "Client Page". Select the icon to the right of the "Pipeline Stage" on the client page to view the information keyed in previously.



6a. Copy the text in "Description" or "SMS" to send a message to the client. The description can help explain what stage the client is at and what needs to be done at this time. 



6b. Scroll down to the "Phone Information" listed on the "Client Page". Select the SMS button under "Action" on the right. This will display a popup to send an SMS to the selected phone number. Paste the copied text into the "Description" of the message. Alternatively, select the "Template Button" and scroll to the Pipeline and Stage the message was assigned to. Select it to auto fill the "Description" of the message. Attach a "Subject" and/or "Matter" if needed and select "Send SMS" to send the message.



6c. To auto fill a note, scroll down to the "Notes" tab on the "Client Page". Select "Template" and scroll to the appropriate Pipeline and Stage. Select it to prefill the note.


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