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October 2021 Email Newsletter


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Greetings ${Customers.First Name},
What's New With Dibcase?
Website Issues

We are in the process of changing AWS services for our Dibcase.com website
. We apologize for any website outages or inconvenience during the transition process. You can always directly login to the server at this address: https://app.dibcase.com/#/

Free Weekly Q&A Zoom Meetings

Don't forget our on demand Q&A sessions held every Thursday at 4:00 PM EST. Signup on the website to get your questions answered in our free weekly zoom meeting.

New Features...

SSN Now Added to Claims Exports
When you generate a form in the forms module, it will automatically add the SSN field to make it easier to create lists to turn in to SSA. Old fees, cases where your firm is not on the record.. simply print the lists and attach to request and submit to SSA.

Notes Exports Now in Plain Text
When you used to export notes, it would show .html commands. Notes are now exported in plain text.

Add Custom Tags to Forms
You can now add tags to custom forms

Added Invoice Sample PDF Form
You can download, edit, and add custom fields to this form. If you need help creating custom invoices and tracking invoices, let us know and we’ll cover it on a Q&A session.

Portal Enhancement
When a form is submitted, the client receives a confirmation email

Bug Fixes and More....
No reported issues with Dibcase and Windows 11
The team has been doing extensive testing with no errors found to date.

For MAC users, we’ve been testing using the new M1 Pro laptops and everything is working great.

Many users are using Microsoft Edge with Dibcase… no reported errors found to date.
Bug Fixes
Custom field group export fields were out of order…FIXED
Error where custom fields were not displaying…FIXED
Email notifications were not being sent for password reset requests
and new firm activations…FIXED
Mouse scrolling on popup forms not working…FIXED
Default client intake form SSN mask not working…FIXED
Notes shared in portal changing to not shared…FIXED
We appreciate you and thanks for being a part of the growing Dibcase family!
James E. Allen
CEO, Dibcase Softwware, LLC

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