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Digital intake forms tutorial


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Dibcase Digital Intake Forms


You can create an unlimited number of intake forms that will add clients into Dibcase. Intake forms can be constructed, shared, completed, and submitted directly into Dibcase. All forms will appear on the client's page under the "Forms" tab.

In addition to intake forms, you can also create "Client" forms for work reports, address changes, etc.. This article discusses Intake Forms only.


Creating Your First Intake Form

Step 1: In the menu, select the “Forms” menu item




Step 2: Press the “+New Template” button


This will bring up a new window loaded with the default “Intake” fields


Step 3: Name your template and delete the intake fields that you do not want. You can also move question up or down to reorder them.

Note: You can add custom fields such as "Father's Name", spouse, condition related questions, instructions etc. Simply drag the type of field you want onto the page and edit.



Step 4: Press the “Submit” button to save your new intake template


Step 5: Copy the link to your intake form


You may SMS, email, or add to your website’s menu the unique link for each intake template.


Note: Your staff members can complete and submit an intake to establish a new lead or client in Dibcase.



Step 6: Once your intake form is submitted, you will receive a notification in the menu bar on the bell icon.





Step 7: Go the the forms menu and click on the intake form (underlined) to determine how to handle the submission.




Step 8: Process the intake as a “Client, Lead, or Rejected Lead”

Note: You can archive a form submission once processed to remove it from the list. The form will still appear on the client's page under the forms tab.



Step 9: You may navigate to the new client’s page and view the intake form in the client’s “Forms” tab. Click on the “eye” icon to view the submitted form information.

Note: all completed fields from the intake form are mapped to the clients page



Note: Once a form is submitted, the status will change to "Submitted" and show the "Submitted" date.

We will also be providing training materials on "Client" forms and "Matter" forms.

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