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Processing Leads - Best Practices


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When you purchase leads, time is of the essence. Therefore, you should contact the lead within 5 minutes of receipt. If you wait longer, chances are the lead may have moved on. In this article we'll discuss best practices of how to efficiently process leads in Dibcase.


Contact the Lead

1. Contact the individual and qualify the lead. If you decide not to take the case, you can add the individual to Dibcase as a "Rejected Lead". You only need three required pieces of information to add a lead to Dibcase: First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number.

2. If you cannot reach the client by phone, you can send an SMS message to the client to prompt them to contact your office.

3. Add the lead into Dibcase and add a task to attempt to recontact the individual via email, SMS, or by phone.


4. Make a Task Template with your specific workflow that you can re-use with all new leads.

5. You can also generate a report that shows all leads and the creation date so you can make sure they are processed timely.

Contact Made

If you decide the case may have merit and meet your standards, you should ask the questions under the "Add Client" intake form.


A. Setup an in-person appointment to sign the representation package


B. Mail a representation package to the client

C. Mail a "Representation Application" to the client if you want additional details before deciding to accept the client. Note: You can mail a "rejection letter" to the lead if the application doesn't meet your standards.


Add a Claim to the Client's Page

By adding a claim to the client's page, you can track the:

  • Current case level (if known)
  • Appeal deadline (if applicable)
  • Your representation status


via the report process and lists


Representation Package is Signed and Returned

A. Scan the file and add to clients folder/Dropbox or GDrive, etc.

B. Change claim "representation status" to "Ready to Submit" or "Submitted" if you fax the package in.

C. File the appeal, setup the claim, make the appointment, etc.

D. Notify the client of the date and time of claims appointment

E. Add the "Date Rep Submitted" to the claim so you can track it in reports.

F. Follow up on your rep package using the reports in the report builder


Make sure to ask your client to notify your office when they receive any letters, forms, denials, etc. from the agency while you're waiting for you retainer package to be processed. Failure to do so could result in a missed deadline.

Verify You Have Been Added to the Case

Once you submit your representation paperwork to SSA it could take some time before you receive notification that your paperwork has been processed.

Typically, you will receive a letter from SSA indicating that your paperwork has been processed. However, you may receive other letters, forms, or documents in the mail which would indicate that you have been "added to the record"

Once you have confirmed that you are "on the record", you can change the "Representation Status" field to "Representation Confirmed"



At this point, you should start receiving forms, letters, requests for assistance, and other contacts from the agency regarding your client.

You should send a welcome letter, copies of the signed rep package, and any other materials you want to share with the client.

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