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Shared on the NADR forums:

There are a few things you can do to help your business:

1. Be more selective. Take a higher percentage of clients over age 50 as you'll find that a higher percentage of them are approved due to the GRID rulings etc..You might not be able to increase the OHO approval rate, but you can select a better pool of clients and increase YOUR win percentage. In addition, you can save time by not dealing with a high number of younger cases that are much harder to get approved. I'd rather have 100 winning clients than 300 marginal cases that will eat up my time.

2. Cut costs. Are you working from home part-time or full-time? Do you have office expenses, clerical help, or other costs that you can examine? Are you using case management software to maximize your time? (Dibcase)

3. Track and collect your fees better. You can't imagine how many times an SSI fee can go uncollected without having adequate fee tracking software in place.

4. Develop your cases better. Spend more time developing the cases before the hearing and write quality briefs. If you aren't able to write a quality brief yet, you can hire contractors to write good briefs for you.

5. Analyze every case and correct deficiencies. The DAS will tell why they denied the case so figure out what evidence you will need to remedy the documentation deficiencies and work with the client months before their hearing to "complete" the record. Get objective medical evidence to document the severity of the clients medically determinable impairments.

6. Get aggressive with your appeals. Look for errors in your denials or hire someone with the experience to find errors and write briefs for you. Build up a library of AC briefs and learn what to look for. Judges will start looking at your cases differently once you've proven that you have KSA's to make their jobs harder with remands.

7. Find a part-time job working as a hearing contractor. If you have skills, you can work overflow cases for local attorneys or national firms. Go see them in person and show them your briefs and the results you've obtained.

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