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Should I pay for leads?

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The Best Lawyer Lead Generation & Client Acquisition Strategies for 2019

By Blue Corona

Having trouble with client acquisition? You’re not alone—over the past ten years quality leads for lawyers have become harder and harder to generate. The saturation of the legal field alongside drastic shifts in consumer behavior over the past decade have contributed to an extremely competitive landscape, one in which reliable leads are hard to come by. If you’re one of the many attorneys having trouble getting a steady influx of qualified leads, I have good news and bad news:

  • The Good News: You can get a huge amount of inexpensive, qualified leads from inbound digital marketing.
  • The Bad News: You’re going to need my help to do it.
  • More Good News: That’s exactly what’s in this guide—expert advice, proven strategies backed up by case studies, and insider tips on getting more law firm leads from the web.  

I’m here to bail you out of the predicament you’re in (pun intended). Below is an easy-to-understand, easier-to-follow guide that will help you substantially increase online legal leads at an affordable cost, boosting your bottom line and helping you grow your business. Stay with me and I’ll break down the best strategies for lawyer lead generation in 2019, including Blue Corona’s verdict on pay per lead services and our top six proven strategies to get a steady stream of sustainable, reliable leads for lawyers:



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