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How do I convert a lead to an active client?

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Sometimes when you take in a new lead, you have little more than a name and phone number. Once you've vetted the lead and decide to represent them, you should convert them to "Lead" and then an "Active" client.

Note: You should not send out representation packages to a lead because:

1. SSN is required to complete a rep package

2. You need the client's address to complete a rep package

Therefore, you must convert the lead to an active client and fill in their PII before sending a rep package.

Once you do this, you can still label the client as a lead.

Note: A client can still be labeled as a lead once you've added their SSN, Address, and other information

Their status should be changed to "Active" once they've retained you and you have signed representation forms.


Lead Conversion Checklist:

1. You speak to and screen the lead

2. You decide whether or not you want to take the case.

If no, change status to "Rejected Lead" and send any closeouts as necessary.

If you decide you want to take the case, continue...


3. Change client status to "Lead" and ask the client for their:

  • Address
  • SSN
  • DOB
  • Alternate phone numbers
  • Email Address
  • Claim Level
  • Other PII

4. Create rep package and send to client for signature

5. Add an "SSA Claim"

6. Navigate to the "Representation" accordion in the claim


7. Representation statuses can be tracked on the "Claims List Page" or via Reports


8. Once you receive the signed rep package back from the client, you can change the representation status to "Ready to Submit to SSA".

9. Once you've submitted the signed rep package to SSA you should change the status to "Submitted"

10. Once you've received acknowledgment from SSA that you have been added to the case, you should change status to "Representation Confirmed"

This completes the process demonstrating the conversion of a "Lead" to an "Active" client.

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