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How do I track medical record requests with Dibcase?


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You can track medical record requests on the 'Client Edit Page' under the 'Ledger Tab' (screenshot)

You can also track your medical records in aggregate on our 'Records List' page where you can filter by client, facility, status, etc.


1. Open clients ERE file to the "F" Section.



2. Complete ERE letter and send to client to complete (Dibcase Template: Client - ERE Letter - 12-08-2021).



3. Determine which records have to be requested and each provider is added as a "Contact" in Dibcase. Once needed records are determined, input each provider on the client "Ledger".





4. Create HIPAA release forms in Dibcase for client signature (Dibcase Template: Records - Blank HIPAA)



5. Send requests to medical providers for processing (via fax or mail).




6. Update the "Client Ledger" accordingly, and add due to dates to the "ledger module" for tracking.



7. Create tasks to follow up on requests that have been pending more than (30+) days.



8. If needed, followup on outstanding records with a 2nd request and update the "Ledger".



9. When records are received, evaluate and upload to ERE. Also, update the Ledge with the information on the received records.




10. 7 days prior to hearing, complete and upload a "5-day" letter to the EF (Dibcase Template: SSA - OHO - 5-Day Letter).



11. At hearing ask judge to leave the record open for 14-30 days so you can have more time to get the records.


12. Once records are received post-hearing, upload to EF and notify judge that the record is complete and ready for review. (Dibcase Template" via "Judicial Correspondence" template.



Track and export data regarding medical records in the "Records" module on the Dibcase menu.







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