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How does Dibcase compare to Prevail cost wise?

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Month to month comparison for 4 users


Prevail $129 per month per user + AirDesk Legal $100 per month per user = $916 a month

Dibcase = $299 a month

Other ways you save with Dibcase:

No need to purchase or lease a server and software  (save $1500+ or 500+ per month if leasing a server)

No server setup, maintenance, or configuration costs (save $1,500+)

No need to pay for updates, bug fixes, or upgrades as your software is automatically updated (save $500+ per year)

No need to hire a local IT professional to backup, maintain, or secure your server (save $200+ monthly)

No need to physically secure your server or dedicate a space for housing a server in your office

No need for a VPN or 3rd party host for remote access (save up to $300 or more per month)

No need to worry about downtime and lost productivity due to weather, power outages, or other local conditions (Dibcase has 99% uptime)

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