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  1. 1. Use the representation fields on SSA claims. Make sure that when you either fax, upload, hand-deliver, etc. your representation package to SSA, you show the status as "Submitted" and record the date in the "Date Rep Submitted" field. 2. Pull your reports by searching for the term "Rep" and you can see all of your cases that you've submitted, when they were submitted, and other additional information. You can work this list by phone or attach the spreadsheet to a fax and send to your servicing field office.
  2. R1_Boston_RO Boston X23 SSA, OHO Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Federal Building 10 Causeway Street, Suite 565 Boston Massachusetts 02222 (888) 870-7578 (833) 613-0456 Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont RO 1 R1_Boston Boston T24 SSA, OHO 4th Floor One Bowdoin Square Boston Massachusetts 02114 (888) 870-7573 (833) 710-0405 (877) 787-5236 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. MASSACHUSETTS: Attleboro, Boston, Brockton, Chelsea, Dorchester, Fall River, Falmouth, Fitchburg, Framingha
  3. Social Security Field Offices as of 10/29/2019 Office Name Business Phone Zip Codes OHO Business Fax ABERDEEN SD 855 278 4196 605 226 7250 ABILENE TX 877 607 9525 325 670 0916 ABINGDON MD 877 701 2142 410 569 9055 ACCOMAC VA 866 964 1019 757 787 8737 ADA OK 888 810
  4. All Dibcase paid firms by default have one email address activated to send and receive SMS messages. This address will be the admin's company email address. If you want more authorized addresses, please subscribe to the SMS addon on the "Pricing" page. 1. When you send an SMS message through the Dibcase interface, responses will come back via email to your Dibcase "Company" email. This address can be changed by an admin on "Employee" panel. 2. When you send an SMS message, Dibcase will automatically add a note in the "Recent Activities" panel titled "SMS Sent". This action will
  5. When you add a new lead or a client, you can select which employees in your organization can interact with that client. Example 1: In this example, a new lead is being assigned to "Hector Negron"... This lead is now visible to the firm admin, full access employees, and the employee the lead was assigned to. To change the employee assigned to the lead/client, the admin must go to the "client Edit page" and on the "Misc" tab, change the employee assignment. The lead/client should now be visible to: 1. Firm Admins 2. Full Acces
  6. 1. You can be paid directly by Social Security if you are an attorney or EDPNA -no billing clients and wondering if you’ll get paid. 2. You do not need to pass a competency test if you are an attorney before representing clients. This means you can get up and running as soon as you get your first client. 3. Historically, during recessions and periods of slow economic growth, more individuals file disability claims. 4. Dibcase is in the cloud -You can scale your practice with Dibcase by adding remote workers or contractors that can securely login to Dibcase from any location.
  7. https://www.va.gov/OGC/docs/Accred/HowtoApplyforAccreditation.pdf
  8. To delete a lead or a client, you must navigate to the "Client List Page" and scroll to the right and click the trashcan icon to delete a client, claim, contact etc.
  9. Choice 1: Macbook Pro 16" Pros: Excellent build quality - rugged and durable Good battery life - which will last most of the day at the hearing office Bright clear screen - can be seen in a bright hearing room Excellent performance and reliability Cons: Expensive Can't read SSA CD's https://www.techradar.com/reviews/macbook-pro-16-inch-2019-review Other options: Dell XPS 15
  10. https://nosscr.org/social-security-basics/
  11. Google Drive vs Dropbox: Which cloud storage is better? by Andrew C. Pincher Feb 06, 2020 In a head-to-head matchup, it’s hard to place a bet on Google Drive vs Dropbox. Both are great cloud storage services with plenty of space and free options for those who don’t need enterprise-level cloud storage. They both offer a lot of common features, including backing up files to the cloud, syncing files across devices, and letting you share your files with other people. At first glance, they seem to be the same ser
  12. Sometimes when you take in a new lead, you have little more than a name and phone number. Once you've vetted the lead and decide to represent them, you should convert them to "Lead" and then an "Active" client. Note: You should not send out representation packages to a lead because: 1. SSN is required to complete a rep package 2. You need the client's address to complete a rep package Therefore, you must convert the lead to an active client and fill in their PII before sending a rep package. Once you do this, you can still label the client as a lead. Note: A clien
  13. Creating a custom 5-day deadline field
  14. Note: The custom report builder is not available to free account users Overview With the Dibcase exclusive custom report builder you can create reports to help manage your pending work. Reports can be based on the clients, claims, and contacts tables with SSA custom fields. Report List Page The reports list page is where you can access all of your reports to edit, delete, duplicate, add notes, filter and more. Step 1: Open the custom report builder Creating Reports Step 2: Click the button "New Report" Step 3: Select the data source for your r
  15. Step 1: Open the login screen and click on the "Forgot Password" link Step 2: Add email address Step 3: Check email for reset code which is your temporary passcode Step 4: Login with your username and temporary numerical password Step 5: To change your temporary passcode, navigate to your "My Profile" page and change your passcode. Step 6: Use your temporary numerical passcode and then add a new "strong" passcode Note: You cannot reset your password with anything less than a "strong" (green) passcode
  16. Step 1: Login with admin account Step 2: Open "Employees" tab Step 3: Check "Edit Credentials" Step 4: Add new password and verify Note: New password must match
  17. Background: Dibcase has the ability to merge client, claims, contact, and company information into PDF merge documents. However, before that process can be completed, you must use templates that already have merge fields added or add them yourself. In this guide, we'll walk you through the basics of creating a merge template PDF document. Step 1: Securing The Raw Document Note: You can download forms here that already have merge fields added Forms that you download from https://www.ssa.gov/forms/ have security settings that prohibit users from editing them. To
  18. We have a general message board on the Dibcase dashboard for announcements that should be visible to all users. For personal chat, we recommend using a chat app like Skype due to: 1. Mobile app 2. Groups 3. Cross-platform 4. Free 5. Send attachments 6. Emojis You can also use WhatsApp for personal and group communications Notes relevant to specific clients should be recorded in Dibcase using the notes feature. Any notes added to clients will be visible on the "Recent Activities" panel on the dashboard to your team.
  19. Configuring Your Browser Dibcase uses your web browser as the primary interface for creating, editing, and viewing your client, claims, and other data. Dibcase has been tested and works best with Google Chrome. Dibcase will work with other browsers such as: Safari, Microsoft edge, or Mozilla Firefox. The main issue we have encountered with other browsers is print rendering issues with complex forms. If you use PDF forms for merge purposes, this should not be an issue. Resizing The Dibcase Window(Chrome) To make your text larger or smaller, you can “Zoom” in or
  20. Version 1.0.0


    List of Dibcase merge fields for clients, contacts, claims, and company.
  21. Background: Dibcase can generate merge documents using two methods. The first method involves using our internal template creator and that method offers a great amount of flexbility. However, some form cannot be generated using this method due to their inherent complexity. We added a second method to allow users to merge data into any PDF document from either SSA, VA, or any agency. This tutorial discusses how to use merge forms that have already been mapped with Dibase merge fields. You must add merge fields before importing PDF documents into Dibcase. If you start with a raw PDF docume
  22. Case management software needs to be flexible and reporting functionality is essential to properly managing your cases. Dibcase has the tools and flexibility to allow you to create any kind of report that you need to manage your clients and caseloads. You probably already have a list of reports that you use to control your cases. You can set those up in the Dibcase "Views" to facilitate those reports. There are several ways to view reports in Dibcase Method 1: Visit the "Reports" page on Dibcase to view some basic charts and graphs Charts on this page show
  23. With Dibcase you can forward emails directly to your Dibcase email address. You can forward emails using any email client from outlook, postbox, apple mail, Gmail, etc.. Dibcase has a built in email server that processes incoming email for you. You will have an admin and a security email box as well as individual email addresses for all employees. Below we'll show exactly how this works. Step 1: Forward email to your Dibcase email address Step 2: Open up the Dibcase email manager (Its the email icon on the left menu) Step 3: Select the approp
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