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  1. Thank you for the new 1696 and adding it to a package. You are theeeeee best! Thanks!
  2. For anyone else out there in 'editing 101 land', after watching the video, still not quite getting it, and James-as always-giving me tips --- once I realized you can edit any and all of the pkg's, life was much better. I was under the false impression you could only change anything in {brackets} or highlighted. Once I messed around with it more. you can delete entire sentences/paragraphs and/or add sentences/paragraphs to say what you want. A big huge thank you to James for your patience and assistance. Teri
  3. Well, with trepidation, I'm taking the plunge to switch over. Trepidation just because of learning a new program and the time it will take to move everything over. Excited because I do like the program! Hello everyone.
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