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  1. IP feature now added to dashboard to show IP address where employee is logged in from Employee fields - new fields added to employees for merge purposes Notes subject dropdown with options for "Incoming Call, Outgoing Call, EF Upload" and more. Add event now requires phone number Add tags to SSD cases - tags now appear on claim header Client name fields added to reports Client phone added to exports Related parties/contacts now added to 'Client Edit Page'
  2. Adding a new feature on Client Edit Page...Client Related Parties
  3. We are working with Atlasware to explore ways we can integrate and provide extra value and convenience for Dibcase users. Stay tuned...
  4. Let us know if you are interesting in potentially purchasing leads directly in Dibcase. The leads will be auto added and when you buy a lead, it will show you all of the contact info and add it into your lead module in Dibcase.
  5. We are working on a new "Add Matter" interface and new matter page. The new matter page will include new features and an enhanced layout that we hope you'll love. We are polishing the lead stages and adding an "Import from Prevail" option for adding clients. We also added two new videos on using the new "Reports" and "Lead Stages" features. They can be found on the training page HERE.
  6. You can now use the new "Lead Stages" module to track your leads with more precision... Step 2": Add your custom lead stages Step 3: Move cards through the processing stages
  7. We will be adding a kanban style leads feature. For those of you unfamiliar with kanban, it is like Trello. It will have an edit button so you can create custom lead stages and rearrange them. Stay tuned for more details
  8. 1. Use the representation fields on SSA claims. Make sure that when you either fax, upload, hand-deliver, etc. your representation package to SSA, you show the status as "Submitted" and record the date in the "Date Rep Submitted" field. 2. Pull your reports by searching for the term "Rep" and you can see all of your cases that you've submitted, when they were submitted, and other additional information. You can work this list by phone or attach the spreadsheet to a fax and send to your servicing field office.
  9. Dibcase helps in several ways. 1. Dibcase has 29 fields dedicated to tracking and projecting SSD fees. 2. Our included reports make it easy to keep up with your fees. Any report can be exported from Dibcase in spreadsheet format for batch submission Finally, You can generate inquiry letters for specific cases using our document manager. Dibcase helps you record, track, and collect your fees unlike any other case management solution.
  10. Manually completing an SSD package can easily take 15 minutes. With Dibcase it takes a only few mouse clicks to generate a complete package. Multiply that by 20 clients a month and you'll save 5 hours a month just completing intake packages with Dibcase. Once you add a new client into Dibcase, you'll never have to key in any of their contact information again. If you complete the standard client intake screen, you've got all the information you need to immediately generate one of our included SSD representation packages which includes: SSA-1696, SSA-1693, SSA-827 for a total of 8 pag
  11. When you purchase leads, time is of the essence. Therefore, you should contact the lead within 5 minutes of receipt. If you wait longer, chances are the lead may have moved on. In this article we'll discuss best practices of how to efficiently process leads in Dibcase. Contact the Lead 1. Contact the individual and qualify the lead. If you decide not to take the case, you can add the individual to Dibcase as a "Rejected Lead". You only need three required pieces of information to add a lead to Dibcase: First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number. 2. If you cannot reach the cl
  12. Shared on the NADR forums: There are a few things you can do to help your business: 1. Be more selective. Take a higher percentage of clients over age 50 as you'll find that a higher percentage of them are approved due to the GRID rulings etc..You might not be able to increase the OHO approval rate, but you can select a better pool of clients and increase YOUR win percentage. In addition, you can save time by not dealing with a high number of younger cases that are much harder to get approved. I'd rather have 100 winning clients than 300 marginal cases that will eat up my time. 2. C
  13. R1_Boston_RO Boston X23 SSA, OHO Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Federal Building 10 Causeway Street, Suite 565 Boston Massachusetts 02222 (888) 870-7578 (833) 613-0456 Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont RO 1 R1_Boston Boston T24 SSA, OHO 4th Floor One Bowdoin Square Boston Massachusetts 02114 (888) 870-7573 (833) 710-0405 (877) 787-5236 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. MASSACHUSETTS: Attleboro, Boston, Brockton, Chelsea, Dorchester, Fall River, Falmouth, Fitchburg, Framingha
  14. Social Security Field Offices as of 10/29/2019 Office Name Business Phone Zip Codes OHO Business Fax ABERDEEN SD 855 278 4196 605 226 7250 ABILENE TX 877 607 9525 325 670 0916 ABINGDON MD 877 701 2142 410 569 9055 ACCOMAC VA 866 964 1019 757 787 8737 ADA OK 888 810
  15. We will soon be rolling out the new SMS feature. Until then, here are a couple of screenshots:
  16. When you add a new lead or a client, you can select which employees in your organization can interact with that client. Example 1: In this example, a new lead is being assigned to "Hector Negron"... This lead is now visible to the firm admin, full access employees, and the employee the lead was assigned to. To change the employee assigned to the lead/client, the admin must go to the "client Edit page" and on the "Misc" tab, change the employee assignment. The lead/client should now be visible to: 1. Firm Admins 2. Full Acces
  17. The Best Lawyer Lead Generation & Client Acquisition Strategies for 2019 January 9, 2019 By Blue Corona Having trouble with client acquisition? You’re not alone—over the past ten years quality leads for lawyers have become harder and harder to generate. The saturation of the legal field alongside drastic shifts in consumer behavior over the past decade have contributed to an extremely competitive landscape, one in which reliable leads are hard to come by. If you’re one of the many attorneys having trouble getting a steady i
  18. Take a look at these examples... This is how you should setup contacts like an FO manager Setup your address box like this... Final Result... Tip: Now the FO manager can be added as a contact to claims using "607" as the search term.
  19. 1. You can be paid directly by Social Security if you are an attorney or EDPNA -no billing clients and wondering if you’ll get paid. 2. You do not need to pass a competency test if you are an attorney before representing clients. This means you can get up and running as soon as you get your first client. 3. Historically, during recessions and periods of slow economic growth, more individuals file disability claims. 4. Dibcase is in the cloud -You can scale your practice with Dibcase by adding remote workers or contractors that can securely login to Dibcase from any location.
  20. Tips: 1. Once you build a template you like, you can duplicate the template on the "Document Manager" page. 2. You can take a screenshot of your current header, signature, and footer in Word or other document editor by using the "Clip Tool" in Windows or SHIFT-CMD-4 in Mac and save that image to insert into your document.
  21. Yes, you can add custom graphics including headers, signatures, and footers in the Dibcase template editor. SEE ATTACHED VIDEO Dibcase Graphics-B-OPT.mp4
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Selected Characteristics of Occupations Defined in the Revised Dictionary of Occupational Titles 1993 Research jobs via DOT codes or keywords
  23. https://www.va.gov/OGC/docs/Accred/HowtoApplyforAccreditation.pdf
  24. To delete a lead or a client, you must navigate to the "Client List Page" and scroll to the right and click the trashcan icon to delete a client, claim, contact etc.
  25. Choice 1: Macbook Pro 16" Pros: Excellent build quality - rugged and durable Good battery life - which will last most of the day at the hearing office Bright clear screen - can be seen in a bright hearing room Excellent performance and reliability Cons: Expensive Can't read SSA CD's https://www.techradar.com/reviews/macbook-pro-16-inch-2019-review Other options: Dell XPS 15
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