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  1. Dibcase is highly flexible and customizable to accommodate almost any practice area Dibcase facilitates the uploading and merging of data into PDF forms from any practice area. Dibcase allows you to create custom practice areas with any number of custom fields regardless of practice area Dibcase allows you to create task workflows for any process in any practice area Dibcase allows you to create custom deadlines for any practice area Dibcase allows you to merge data from custom fields into any document
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    SSA Rep Pkg 1

    This is a deprecated legacy file
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is the onboarding checklist for new Dibcase Users
  4. Savings: No need to purchase or lease a server and software to run other solutions (save $2000+ or 500+ per month if leasing a server) No server setup, maintenance, or configuration costs (save $1,500+) No need to purchase case management software (save $3000+) No need to pay for updates, bug fixes, or upgrades as your software is automatically updated (save $500+ per year) No need to hire a local IT professional to backup, maintain, or secure your server (save $200+ monthly) No need to physically secure your server or dedicate a space for housing a server in your office No need for a VPN or 3rd party host for remote access (save up to $300 or more per month) No need to worry about downtime and lost productivity due to weather, power outages, or other local conditions (Dibcase has 99% uptime) Bottom Line: Cost for 6 Users for first 24 months with Dibcase $6,000 Cost for 6 Users for first 24 months with Prevail $15,000 or more depending on services required and setup or month to month comparison Prevail $129 per month per user + AirDesk Legal $100 per month per user 4 users would be $916 per month compared with $249 for Dibcase
  5. New accounts must be manually enabled by our support team before you can login for the first time. Please contact us to enable new accounts.
  6. You can contact us through our Livechat interface and a ticket will be created by a customer service agent. Your password will be reset and you will be notified via the Livechat interface.
  7. We have added to the option to import clients and leads via email
  8. Q. Can I import my client data into Dibcase? Yes, you can import your client data into Dibcase via excel spreadsheet. Q. What data can I export from Dibcase? You can export your client, claims, billable time entries, and contact data out of Dibcase via excel spreadsheet.
  9. Yes, we offer free training and optional data migration assistance.
  10. Yes, a credit card is required to begin a free trial.
  11. No, Dibcase is designed around the contingency fee process and direct payment by SSA. Dibcase does not natively support functionality around billing clients directly. However, we do have the ability to track outstanding fees and receipts in the program. Fee data can be export in excel format for further processing.
  12. Effective 12-2019, we not offer the ability to import PDF documents with merge capability!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    SSA-1696 Claimant's Appointment of a Representative SSA-827 SSA-3288 SSA-1693 FEE AGREEMENT
  14. We have a general message board on the Dibcase dashboard for announcements that should be visible to all users. For personal chat, we recommend using a chat app like Skype due to: 1. Mobile app 2. Groups 3. Cross-platform 4. Free 5. Send attachments 6. Emojis You can also use WhatsApp for personal and group communications Notes relevant to specific clients should be recorded in Dibcase using the notes feature. Any notes added to clients will be visible on the "Recent Activities" panel on the dashboard to your team.
  15. We are in the process of updating the dibcase.com website. The application is running normally.
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