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  1. Answer: Yes. This paid option is available to clients during their initial setup of Dibcase. Your Dibcase Onboarding Specialist will be able to assist you with this. After the initial setup is complete and all included Forms and Documents are finished, additional Forms and Documents can be created for you, as an a la carte option. The pricing is as follows: $99 per Form $50 per Document Please contact our support team at support@dibcase.com for assistance
  2. 1. We are adding new forms for VA and some new workflows. 2. Making changes to make Dibcase more multi-practice area friendly 3. Adding tags to the document manager page. 4. Adding new user customizable notes subjects (SCREENSHOT)
  3. Official Criteria Age Education Past Relevant Work (PRW) Nature or severity of impairment Medical Impairments Meet a listing Supportive test results Medical opinions -CE and otherwise ADL's GRIDS Personal care limitations Compliance Unofficial Factors Mental vs. Physical Subjective vs. objective complaints DA&A issues Financial need Insured status The adjudicator or judge considerations
  4. Admin

    Known Issues

    Employee Document Merge - Employee merge names not showing in doc gen employee dropdown. If you only have one rep, this is not applicable. Only firms with multiple reps need to merge employee info into forms. Identified: 12/30/2020 Resolution: Testing
  5. Admin

    Known Issues

    Account Creation - Not allowing users to create accounts with a "good" password - required "strong" with no warning or error message Identified: 12/20/2020 Resolution: Fixed - Changed to allow account creation with a "good Password"
  6. Activity Timer - Not recording time Identified: 12/31/2020 Resolution: Pending
  7. EXT-E means that you can merge individual employee merge fields into the document like Rep ID etc.
  8. 1. You should complete and submit a form SSA-1699 (attached). The fax number is on the form. 2. While you are waiting for your SSA-1699 to be processed, you can submit evidence and paperwork to SSA via fax. 3. You can submit your representation package to SSA by faxing it to either the field office or OHO. (Dibcase includes all necessary forms required to officially retain a client). 4. The state agency adjudicators can send you a fax cover sheet if the case is pre-hearing or the OHO or "Office of Hearing Operations" can send you a fax coversheet once you've submitted a valid SS
  9. Name Email Rep Status Tiffany Beardslee dissolutions@att.net Non-Attorney April Carr apriladamscarr@gmail.com Attorney Sara Meza contigodisabilityadvocacy@gmail.com Non-Attorney Ilyssa Pettigrew ilyssapettigrew@yahoo.com Non-Attorney Steven Smith stevenwilliamsmith1978@hotmail.com Non-Attorney Amanda Tilley lori@tilleydisability.com
  10. What unique or shared features does Dibcase have compared to other legal software? Time tracking Integrated SSD forms and internal document editing system - Dibcase exclusive Medical records tracking - Dibcase exclusive Fee tracking and reporting - Dibcase* other LCM systems only track client billing Case status importing - Dibcase exclusive Expense ledger Hundreds of customized fields for SSD case management with merge capabilities - Dibcase exclusive Does not require Salesforce as a platform ($75+ per user plus add-ons) Free remote
  11. All Dibcase paid firms by default have one default email address activated to send and receive SMS messages. This address will be the admin's company email address. 1. When you send an SMS message through the Dibcase interface, responses will come back via email to your Dibcase "Company" email. This address can be changed by an admin on "Employee" panel. 2. When you send an SMS message, Dibcase will automatically add a note in the "Recent Activities" panel titled "SMS Sent". This action will also be added to the billable entries feed. Sms Send-Processed.m4v
  12. Representing Social Security Claimants - Processing Center Telephone Contact Information for Claimants Under Age 54.pdf Representing Social Security Claimants - Processing Center Telephone Contact Information for Claimants Age 54 & Older.pdf
  13. Introduction: Here are some mistakes that clients or reps make at different stages of the application process. Pre-Claim: Making close to SGA Actively receiving unemployment benefits Filing too early without severity Client has filed for disability for the last 20 years and has had multiple hearings and continuously refiles while their spouse pays the bills. Post-Claim: Errors on SSA-3373 No personal care limitations Minimal limitations Missing CE appointments Errors on SSA-3369 Pre-Hearing: Allegations
  14. You can access the forms by searching on the document manager page for forms using the keyword "ext" or searching by form number.
  15. 1. IP feature now added to dashboard to show IP address where employee is logged in from 2. Employee fields - new fields added to employees for merge purposes 3. Notes subject dropdown with options for "Incoming Call, Outgoing Call, EF Upload" and more. 4. Add event now requires phone number 5. Add tags to SSD cases - tags now appear on claim header You can create reports based on claims tags. You can add multiple tags to every claim 6. Client name fields added to reports 7. Client phone added to exports 8. Related parties/contacts no
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