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    Well, with trepidation, I'm taking the plunge to switch over. Trepidation just because of learning a new program and the time it will take to move everything over. Excited because I do like the program! Hello everyone.
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    For anyone else out there in 'editing 101 land', after watching the video, still not quite getting it, and James-as always-giving me tips --- once I realized you can edit any and all of the pkg's, life was much better. I was under the false impression you could only change anything in {brackets} or highlighted. Once I messed around with it more. you can delete entire sentences/paragraphs and/or add sentences/paragraphs to say what you want. A big huge thank you to James for your patience and assistance. Teri
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    Anyone else having issues with the CSU not updating availability? We submit everything timely and still have hearings scheduled on days our rep is not available. And twice when we called to have the hearing rescheduled we were told the rep availability information was not in the system. Leaves me scratching my head since I get confirmation emails when the dates are submitted. Just curious if this has also been an issue for others....
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