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    • Screen Recording -01.mp4   This video showcases our new "Note Tagging" feature that will send out email and SMS messages when a note is added to Dibcase. To trigger this automation, simply add an employee to a note to trigger the alerts. Suggested Tags: @Address (Address change) @Callback (Wants EOD) @Case Review (Internal) @Medical (New hospital visit or other medical related info) @Phone (New Phone number) @Test (Medical test was completed) @Urgent (Someone is on phone like a Judge or OHO calling) @Work(Started a job or gone to work)  
    • Now, when a digital intake form is submitted for your firm, you can get a staff notification email & SMS (text) notification. Step 1: Enable Notifications To enable notifications for each employee that a new intake form has been submitted, open their employee profile and check the box:   Now, when a digital intake form is submitted, selected employees will get an immediate SMS and Text notification with a link to open the submitted form.
    • Guest Jacob Lewis
      Hi, Are you still in business? I found a few errors on your site. Would you like me to send over a screenshot of those errors?
    • The Dibcase Automated Notification Assistant or "DANA" can: 1. Send SMS reminders to clients and/or staff about upcoming appointments 2. Remind clients and/or staff of tasks that are due 3. Send emails based on templates 4. Perform pipeline actions 5. Create tags 6. Create tasks based on task templates    
    • If you are getting text at the top and bottom of printed documents, please check your browser setting and uncheck "Headers and Footers" option to remove them.  
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