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    • Under our new usage-based system, clients are counted regardless of client status. The only way to lower your client count is to delete the client. Otherwise, leads, active, inactive, deferred, and closed clients count towards your monthly client total for billing purposes.  
    • We created a usage-based subscription plan for the following reasons: To provide an easy entry into the SSD case management space for new reps and attorneys To make it easier to match your case management software with your actual workload If you scale down your SSD practice, your software fees should decrease accordingly Make it easier for staff members not directly involved in SSD to login to Dibcase  
    • We've added a staff guide to our client portal and a client guide to share with clients. Staff guide to the Dibcase client portal.pdf A Guide to your client portal.pdf
    • We have added the ability to upload and share multimedia images in your portal announcements feed. This feature will give it a more social media type experience. However, due to privacy issues, announcements are read only.
    • We just completed the Dibcase dashboard announcements panel and the client portal dashboard. These updates are implemented in the application for Dibcase Plus and Teams users.   Here is a screenshot of our portal dashboard which lays out what a client can do and provides easy shortcuts to these options:
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